Today’s Headlines

For more video of folks testifying at Tuesday’s LABAC/LAPD meeting, check out Bikeside’s You Tube Page

  • Not Every South L.A. Resident an Opponent of At-Grade Light Rail (The Front Page)
  • Lazarus: Metro’s Blue Ribbon Commission Thinks Things Are Peachy at Metro (LAT)
  • Transit Crunch a Livability Issue (SacBee)
  • Heartbreaking Images from the BP Disaster in the Gulf (Boston Globe)
  • 710 Foes Unite! (The Sun)
  • New Bike Racks at Hollywood’s New Trader Joe’s After All! (Tweetpics)
  • Assembly Gets Tougher on Drivers on Cell Phones (LAT)
  • Congresswoman Chu Endorses 30/10 (The Source)
  • Don’t Forget!  River Ride This Weekend! (LAist)
  • Good News!  More Meetings on Subway to the Sea Coming Up! (The Source)