The Week in Livable Streets Events: Let’s Get Ready To….


This is an all-star week of events.  Starting tonight…

Tuesday – Following Friday’s LAPD/Critical Mass debacle, the LAPD is promising some answers at tonight’s Los Angeles Bike Advisory Committee Meeting.  The LAPD has confirmed attendance of one of their representatives, and cyclists are planning robust attendance.  If you’d like to go to the meeting, get the details here.  If you want to "Storm the Bastille," click here.

Tuesday – Of course, tonight isn’t just the organized showdown between the LAPD and cyclists, but also the "Last Battle of Farmdale."  The "Below Grade or Nothing" crowd will battle the "but they’re giving you a freakin’ train station" crowd over the layout of the Farmdale intersection with the Expo Line…aka the Dorsey High stop.  We’ve written a lot about this, and you can find the details here.  Since the NBA Finals won’t start until Thursday, there’s no excuse not to attend.

Wednesday – Metro will host a design workshop for transportation planners who want to build better bike infrastructure.  It starts at 9:30, so if you’re interested, get in touch with them right now.  And get the details here.

Wednesday – Remember the L.A. County Bicycle Master Plan outreach plan?  It’s the one that actually follows the time schedule originally laid out for it.  They’re having another outreach meeting this Wednesday.  Read more here.

Friday – The Urban Land Institute hosts an all-day symposium on transit oriented development issues.  Streetsblog and ULI don’t always agree on every issue, but they have a group of heavy hitters, and even when they don’t they’re always interesting and educational.  For information on the conference, visit ULI’s website.

  • The Expo hearing tonight has been moved to the cafeteria. Which I think meets one of the other objections (that the Library as a venue was too small) made by Damien Goodmon. Parking and Shuttle Service available at Rancho Cienega Sports Complex, 5001 Rodeo Road, Los Angeles. For those who have need of such.

  • It’s time to approve the Farmdale crossing and complete this very important transit line! The added station will especially benefit students and community, like Dorsey students taking college classes at Trade Tech or Santa Monica College.

    This crossing will be VERY SAFE:

    * SAFER even than either the original grade-crossing proposal or a pedestrian bridge:

    “These safety enhancements provided for in the Joint Settlement Agreement transform the at-grade crossing proposal into a superior solution both as compared to previous at-grade plans and as compared to the pedestrian overcrossing option. The safety and policing problems associated with a pedestrian overcrossing are not presented by the at-grade alternative, and the addition of Stop and Proceed procedures, station platforms accessible by convenient ramps, operating restrictions, and other safety enhancements described above all combine to make the at-grade solution proposed by the Joint Settlement Agreement the superior alternative.” (Joint Settlement Agreement, page 10)

    * SAFER even than Pasadena, where students have safely crossed the Gold Line at Glenarm daily for nearly 7 years; there have been ZERO accidental fatalities (one suicide) on the Pasadena Gold Line.

    * SAFER even than Santa Monica, where trains will cross signalized but ungated intersections at 30 mph, vs. Farmdale’s gated intersection at 15 mph after the station stop.


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