Today’s Headlines

  • Villariagosa Goes to Washington, and Explains 30/10 to Congressional Committee (The Source)
  • Terrorists Should Take Note to Board Metro at Suburban Stations (Eco-Village)
  • If Walt Disney Ran L.A., What Would He Do? (City Watch)
  • More Diagrams of "Park 101" (LAist)
  • Meanwhile, the Daily News Just Discovers The Story
  • Increased Street Parking Costs L.B. Businesses Some Customers (LB Post)
  • Bike to Work a Hit in San Francisco (Streetfilms, SF Streetsblog)
  • Glendale Woman Charged with Vehicular Manslaughter for Killing Cyclist (LA_Now, Glendale News Press)
  • Get Rid of Your Old Bikes with Donation Drive with REI and the Bike Oven (LA_Now)

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  • Erik G.

    Funny, I thought terrorists rode around in 20-year-old SUV’s bought on Craig’s List.

    But those don’t get stopped and searched as they enter the city or go up the on-ramp.

    Nor do we discourage SUV’s; in fact we encourage their use!

  • James Fujita

    I just read the “What Would Walt Do?” article. What a load of crap. Does a great job of psychoanalyzing Walt Disney’s personality, but says very little about his politics.

    Politically, he’d be more Richard Riordan than Villaraigosa. The Grove = Main Street USA, a cute but useless monorail (with turnstiles no less), plenty of parking, and let’s not forget that Disneyland is the main reason why Orange County still doesn’t have a light rail system.