$100 Million of Road Projects to Support “Evolution”

5_13_10_universal_laist.jpgImage via LAist

Earlier this week, Streetsblog waded back into the debate over two controversial development projects sponsored by NBC Universal in North Hollywood.  One of those projects, which NBC is calling "Evolution" will redevelop a 391 acre parcel and will include a theme park, business and entertainment
industry center, more than 2,900 new apartments and condos, 35 acres
of open space, a 500-room hotel and a refurbished amphitheater.  Residents are complaining about a coming traffic crush. 

NBC Universal responds that they have a $100 million plan to "mitigate" the traffic impacts.  Thanks to the above graphic from LAist, we can break down the projects by what mode is supported.  To read more about Evolution, check out this article in the Daily News or the follow-up in LAist.

$100 million dollars!  Wow, they’re going to be able to do a lot of good with that.  I hope they don’t blow it all on stupid auto expansion.  Let’s look at the project list.

Auto Capacity Projects

  • US 101/SR 134 Interchange Improvements
  • US 101 Freeway Widening from SR 134 to Lankershim Boulevard
  • US 101 Interchange Improvements at Campo de Cahuenga
  • Langershim Boulevard Additional Lanes/Beutification
  • Southbound US 101 Freeway Widening from Vineland Avenue to Barham Boulevard
  • Southbound US 101 Freeway Access
  • Cahuenga Boulevard Widening
  • Improved Highland Avenue/US 101 Freeway/Cahuenga Boulevard Connection
  • Northbound US 101 Freeway Widening from Highland Avenue to Vineland Avenue
  • Barham Boulevard Additional Lanes/Beautification
  • Lakeside Drive Roadway Improvements
  • New North/South Road
  • Universal Hollywood Drive Roadway Improvements

Transit Projects

  • Metro Rapid Bus Ventura Boulevard/Studio City
  • Hollywood and West Hollywood Shuttle
  • Media District and Metrolink Shuttle

People Powered Transportation Projects

  • Forest Lawn Drive Signal Coordination, Sidewalk and Bike Lanes



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