National Train Day at Union Station

on down to the station and join the celebration in Los Angeles! Don’t
miss your chance to see model trains, train equipment displays and much

    • The
      Railroad Braceros Exhibit*
    • Train Equipment Displays*
    • Model
      Train Displays* 
    • AmtraKids Depot
      Go-Green Express: Eco Exhibit*
    • National Park Service Trails
      & Rails Exhibit* 
    • Snapshot Station
    • Trains Move
      our Economy Exhibit*
    • Amtrak: Dining the Rail Way* exhibit and
      culinary demonstrations, featuring Chef Marcel Lagnaz
    • Amtrak
      Brand Display – Enjoy the journey®*
    • Amtrak
      California: A Winning Partnership*
    • Live performances by the USC
      Trojan Marching Band and Playhouse Disney’s Choo-Choo Soul with

    *Stop by this exhibit and get your National Train
    Day "Passport" stamped! Passports will be provided at Union Station on
    May 8. Be sure to pick one up!

    National Train Day in Los Angeles
    features The Railroad Braceros Exhibit.

    During World War II, thousands of Mexicans were invited to come to
    the U.S. to work under the "Railroad Braceros" program to build and
    maintain our nation’s passenger railroad system.  At National Train Day
    in Los Angeles’ Union Station, an exhibit will honor the Hispanic
    contributions to the national railroad.  Steve Velasquez, associate
    curator, National Museum of American History, will present on the
    braceros and their role in railroad history.


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