Biking and Green Living Demonstration at St. Andrew’s West L.A. w/Greensters and Eco Home

Join us for a day long green-living demonstration with the Greensters and Eco-Home Network as we prepare for Earth Day.

Everyday, people are bombarded with messages on how to live a green lifestyle, but the easiest and most effective ways aren’t the ones you regularly see on the television.  Changes in the way one travels, or cleans their house, or provide food for their family may not be as exciting as spending thousands of dollars for solar panels or an electric car; but can yield large changes in your carbon footprint and large savings in your budget.

So join us on 4/17 for an day of environmental demonstrations.

At noon, we’ll be getting ready for our Electronics recycling bike ride to UCLA by helping people adjust their seats, clean their chains and fill their tires.  At 12:45 we’ll empty a car full of electronics into a bicycle with a trailer to show that you can haul as much stuff on two wheels as you can four.  At one o’clock, the LA Greensters will lead us on a ride to UCLA’s electronics recycling center where we’ll drop off items that were left at the Church throughout this week.  If you have electronics you’re looking to get rid of, feel free to drop them off at 11555 National Boulevard in West. L.A. any time this week between 9 am and 1 pm.

At 4:00 P.M., Julia Russell, the founder and executive director of the Eco-Home Network will be leading a discussion and showing a video on green living in Nolte Hall.  Nearly 20,000 people have attended Eco-Home tours over the last 22 years to learn about urban gardening, running a green kitchen, selecting clean cleaning supplies and xeriscaping.

All events are free and open to the public.


St. Andrew’s is a member of the ELCA – Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
St. Andrew’s is an energetic and friendly congregation that tries to serve
God and serve the local neighborhood as well as the world wide community.

The Eco-Home™Network (E-HN) is an award-winning
nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing individual quality of life and
planetary well being through demonstration, education and building a
constituency for sustainable urban living. For over 20 years, E-HN programs
have been raising environmental consciousness, creating a sense of personal
responsibility and inspiring eco-smart lifestyle changes.

The Los Angeles Greensters are a transportation and
professional service collaborative that believes that no event is so
large that it need rely on a car. The Greensters have moved movie equipment,
delivered toys, and even moved a rolling pocket park on Park(ing) Day last
year. For more information on how the Greensters can partner with your green
business or event, visit their website at


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