Continuances Expired: “Roadblock v. Gritzner” Trial Begins April 13


The story that more people request a follow-up on than any other is a variation on, "what ever happened to the hit and run case involving Glenn Gritzner?"

The case or "People of California v Gritzner" has been one that holds interest for several reasons.  For one, after being rebuffed by the police in his attempt to get them to follow-up on his crash; Roadblock did his own investigation that led him, and eventually the police and city attorney to where we are now.  Many people who know the defendant have been shocked by his involvement in this case because of his own ties to the transportation reform community and his own political career.

Well, the criminal justice system is going to get its chance to cast it’s own verdict starting next week.  Yesterday, Gritzner’s last request for a continuance was rejected and a court date was set for April 13.  You can read more about the case at this Streetsblog article from February.


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