Eyes on the Street: The Census Wants Us to Have Enough Buses Too

3 30 10 census bus_1.jpgThanks, Spokker.

Last week I sarcastically noted that the census was encouraging people to fill out their forms by promising them wider highways.  One of our regular commenters, you know him as Spokker, pointed out signs that were also promising more buses.  He grabbed a picture of this billboard on La Brea Avenue between the 1-10 and Washington Blvd.  So there you go kids, don’t follow my advice from last week to fill out your household population as -4,000,000.  If you do, they might take back the buses we already have.


Metro and the Occupy L.A. Eviction

Last week, we reported on Metro’s involvement in the “eviction” of Occupy L.A.  Yesterday, Metro spokesman Rick Jager was able to fill in the rest of the questions we had.  So here is your Metro/Occupy L.A. complete F.A.Q.  If you have other questions related to Metro and the Occupy eviction, leave them in the comments […]