An Open Letter to New Cyclist Sam Worthington

Dear Sam,

I know you’ve been busy these past couple of years.  Terminator Salvation, Avatar, Clash of the Titans, Dracula: Year One…that’s a full load for any actor.  Yet, you’ve somehow managed to find the time to join the growing ranks of urban cyclists in Los Angeles.

It takes a lot for a bad driver to admit he needs help; and you’ve made the first step by grabbing your bike and taking off on a new adventure.  But here’s the deal.  Apparently, you’re kind of a lousy cyclist.  Some news reports quote you saying that you often fall off, and you even discourage others from trying cycling.  So you’ve still got a ways to pedal before earning your first Midnight Ridazz ride card.

That’s ok.  We’re here to help.

You see Los Angeles has a lot of citizen run resources to help you out and frankly most of us cyclists are tired of hearing about Buffy riding her cruiser in Santa Monica, or tv stars getting run down in Beverly Hills.  If there’s going to be a Hollywood star biking with us on the streets, we want him to be the best cyclist he can be.  We’ve got our bicycling co-ops that will make certain you’re bike is ready to go and suited to you.  I’m guessing you live in Hollywood, Beverly Hills, West L.A. or Santa Monica.  So, you should look up the Bicycle Kitchen or the Bikerowave as a first stop.  Also, there are plenty of people willing to give you some safe riding lessons.  There’s C.I.C.L.E., or the League of American Cyclist Classes.

But here’s the thing.  I know you’re a busy guy (but I also know this article will show up in  so I know your representatives will see it), and as I said, I’m here to help.  So drop me an email at and we’ll set you up. 


The L.A. Streetsblog Team

  • Will Campbell

    Doesn’t surprise me this Worthington fella’s a bit o’ the tool, one who’s much more interesting as an idiot in real life than as an actor on a screen. While I try not to judge anyone on their individual microcosmic demerits, when he stepped out on stage as an award presenter during the Oscars and was chewing gum…? Sucker needs a nanny until he grows up.

    And maybe he’ll start by taking Damien up on his generous offer of assistance.

  • Well, if he’s into cycling but not so good at it, I’ve got a pedicab that’s almost finished being repaired. First ride’s free!

  • The Dynamic Mumenshantz

    He was the best thing about Terminator. And incredible in Avatar.

  • A bit more respect, people, please. In LA, the city of The Business, every cycling actor (producer, director, etc) has a staggering global advocacy potential. Their films go all over the world, and our very special role in this city is to help that the final product offers a positive image of cycling on the big screen. This is our responsibility as bicycle advocates in LA. We owe this to the rest of the world.
    It is in Los Angeles that the films are made that may globally influence the image of the bicycle, by including or excluding it, by presenting it positively or negatively, all of which matters a great deal, from Godalming to Perth and everywhere in between. The Environmental Media Association is an example how working with The Industry should lead to the positive placement of cycling on the screen – Therefore I apologize for the cheeky tone of this post and the comments. We need to cultivate ambassadors, but you do this with respect, not with irony.
    And to Damien I say, the issue of celebrity cycling leads a miserable existence in your blog’s category system, where “Hollywood” (ambiguous) brings up one entry, where the category “Celebrity” is missing, and where “Ad nauseam” is descriptive not of the issue, but of your own impatience with it (?). And to Sam Worthington I say: Sustainable Streets offers personal training sessions in Confident City Cycling to suit any taste and requirement.


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