Help Me Cover the Street Summit, Part II


Yesterday, I asked you for help covering the L.A. Street Summit this weekend.  Specifically, i want you to tell me what seminars I should attend.  Because there are so many seminars in each session, I’m narrowing the list down to my top five.  If there’s something you want me to write about, let me know in the comments section or via email.

Here’s my list from the second session.  You can read the full schedule for the second session here.  And for more information on the Summit itself, read here.

Diversifying the Bike Movement

  • Adonia Lugo & Andy Rodriguez, LACBC City of Lights Campaign; James Spooner, Black Kids on Bikes
  • Recovering Our Streets and Alleys: A Community Based Approach
    • Laura Cuadros, Claudia Gomez, Elizabeth Blaney; Union de Vecinos
  • Living Streets Part 1: Reclaiming Streets for People
    • Ryan Lehman, Deborah Murphy, Jen Petersen, Aurisha Smolarski, Ryan Snyder
  • Complete the Streets? Street Vending!
    • Isela Gracian, Eest LA Community Corporation
  • Planning for a Cooler California
    • Roberta Tinajero-Frankel, Beth Steckler, Jennifer Sarnecki, Jessica Meaney
    • There’s a lot of excellent workshops to choose from! But you’re not getting an overwhelming response yet from your loyal commenters.

      I am curious why you left out the second session’s presentation by the DOT and DCP on the city bike plan? I am really curious to see what they’ve been up to. There’s nothing online yet (other than an announcement stating the new draft is tentatively schedule[d] for February release), so it looks like that workshop will be the first public opportunity to see the revisions.

    • All I’ve heard is that the plan is almost exactly like the Draft Plan, and that hardly inspires me to head to that one. Also, I give a 50-50 shot that they don’t show information on the revised plan.

    • I’m thinking of attending the Living Streets Part 1 workshop to see if I can get any info that would be helpful in bike advocacy out here in the Antelope Valley. Much of the program seems LA City oriented rather than LA County oriented, so I’m trying to choose workshops that look like they have something that would be applicable out here.


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