Happy Second Birthday, L.A. Streetsblog

Yesterday, Los Angeles Streetsblog quietly celebrated its second birthday with a slice of Hungarian cheesecake and a story about Paris Hilton.  Yeah, we really know how to party.

The good news is that we’ve proven that Streetsblog in Los Angeles can work and has worked.  I’ve seen the original stories written here help drive mainstream media coverage in some ways, be used by local advocates on different issues, and we’ve helped highlight some of the great writing occurring everyday on other blogs around the city and county.

As we kicked off our fund raising campaign last month, we also announced that we have some pretty ambitious expansion ideas.  While a tax-deductible donation is a great way to celebrate a birthday, you can also help us celebrate by writing down your ideas for how you would like to see Streetsblog expand here in Los Angeles.  More best practice stories from around the county?  More in-depth analysis stories on how money is spent?  Stop writing about bicycles entirely?  Or, do you just really miss Cartoon Tuesday? 

There’s no such thing as a bad suggestion, and I’d love to hear any idea you may have below.

  • roadblock

    how about a rating matrix for politicians. I know you know who is TRULY fighting for cyclist and pedestrian issues and could give a great critique of who is walking (and cycling) and who is just talking.

  • Wow! Brilliant! Lets demonize folks who may be useful to forge compromises by labeling them on their purity, etc. We may never achieve anything politically but can be self-satisfiedly insular.

  • Hmm, I’ll have to get back to you with my suggestions, but HAPPY BDAY! LOLing at the cake. ;)

  • Happy happy birthday! And great seeing you yesterday, Damien :)

  • Erik G.

    So LADOT says “Let (Damien) eat Cake”, huh?

  • Happy belated Birthday!! So glad you were born! :)

  • Happy Birthday! I discovered Streetsblog rather late, but appreciate all the work you’ve been doing.

    As far as suggestions, it would be great to have some coverage of northern LA County (Palmdale and Lancaster). There was an article in today’s AV Press about north LA County getting “shortchanged in its share of local sales tax funds meant for transportation projects.”

    We have a bike club out here (AV High Desert Cyclists) and some of our members have started an AV Bicycle Coalition group on Facebook.

    We don’t have much in the way of infrastructure out here. There are bike paths (Class I) that don’t go anywhere (Sierra Bike Path), narrow 3-foot bike lanes that include the gutters in the 3 feet in Lancaster (mostly on non-arterials), and bike lanes that disappear when the roads go from city to unincorporated county (30th St West).

  • Happy Birthday L.A. Streetsblog! I honestly have no idea how you could make Streetsblog any better, but I’m confident you’ll figure it out.

  • I agree with Dana. Streetsblog is advocacy journalism, sure, but a rating system will unnecessarily close the doors on some of the people that you would like to interview. More coverage from outside of Central LA would be nice – how about what is going on in the San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach, San Fernando Valley, Orange County, or the Inland Empire? Sure you probably couldn’t schlep over to Riverside or Orange County, but you could probably recruit readers who could, or re-purpose blog posts like those of Justin in Riverside and Steven Chan in Orange County with their permission. On the bike end, I do see a missing link on the bicycling community in the Inland Empire and Orange County. Do they even exist? That’s something worth finding out. Even though I lean more towards the carhead side (at times), I appreciate all that you do.

  • B!

    Congrats on two great years, Damien! Even though I am not in LA anymore, I still enjoy checking streetsblog to get the skinny on LA alt. trans. issues. As for suggestions, why not something like they do here in Denmark, showing the glamorous side of biking ? I’m sure in LA la land, there could be some great catches :)


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