David Jassy, the Swedish Road Rage Rapper, Sentenced for Fifteen Years to Life for Murder of Pianist John Osnes

3_4_10_osnes.jpgFarewell, John Osnes. Photo: AmRen.com

The sad saga of John Osnes and David Jassy has finally come to an end.  Late in December of 2008, Jassy and Osnes got in an altercation when Jassy’s SUV encroached on a crosswalk being utilized by Osnes.  By the time all was said and done, Jassy was fleeing the scene in his SUV while Jassy lie dieing in the street, brutally beaten and run over.

Today, Jassy received his punishment, in the form of a fifteen year to life sentence for second-degree murder.  By the time Jassy, a Swedish citizen, is released he will then likely face deportation charges.  While the vulnerable users of L.A.’s streets can take solace in the words the judge spoke rejecting some of Jassy’s claims of being in danger while surrounded by his SUV, we should also take note of the words the judge spoke about how in a trial such as this, everyone is a loser because one entitled driver snapped and attacked a defenseless pedestrian.

Crowley told the judge he saw “no winners” in the jury verdict. The two
dozen friends who packed the courtroom had lost Osnes, he said. Then,
turning to Jassy, he said, “You lost most of your life. You lost your
son for all practical purposes. You lost the girl you loved.” The
rapper’s 11-year-old son lives in Sweden.

  • Anon

    Correction needed in the last sentence in your first paragraph.

  • Erik G.

    I think this comment at the L.A. Weekly article about Jassy’s sentence is of interest to readers of this ‘blog:


    thirteenburn says:

    When I first read this story, I was pretty incensed at the “rapper’s” actions and felt he was deserved of the harshest of prison sentences.

    Now I’m reading that Mr. Osnes was known as a “VOCAL pedestrian rights activist” and the red flags went up. There are similar “vocal” (read: militant) pedestrian rights advocates in Portland, Oregon, near where I live (I choose to not live in such a socialist state) and they were able to get a law passed where, even if it’s against a green light, if you hit a pedestrian, it’s YOUR fault.

    In light of this, I’m now wondering if maybe this “rapper” was valid, AT LEAST, with his anger at what he perceived to be someone “walking in front of his moving car as if to dare a driver to hit him” and then slapping the SUV, not necessarily out of fright or anger at “almost being hit”, but rather might have been one of those delusional SUV-haters?

    I’m not condoning, in any way, shape or form what happened to Mr. Osnes. This was overkill, pure and simple. This needent have escalated past a few angry words at most, but I can personally attest to the frustration and anger at someone who LOOKS YOU DIRECTLY IN THE EYE AS THEY STEP INTO TRAFFIC IN FRONT OF YOU, and THEY ARE daring you to hit them, more likely for the “free” paycheck derived from the guaranteed lawsuit.

    If this is the case, then it makes a bit more sense than just this “rapper” getting angry at being “dissed” because his SUV got slapped. I do realize that many “rappers” and hip-hop “artists” do get all out of hand whenever they percieve to be “dissed”, but for some reason when first reading this story, it felt like there was a piece of this story missing and now I know.

    Again, I’m not in any way condoning the actions – of EITHER MEN – that night. It obviously could have been handled far better – again from BOTH sides – and thus, Mr. Osnes would still be making music and Mr. Jassy would still be “rapping”, but now it’s no longer a case of “rapper mysteriously blows gasket at innocent bystander who did absolutely nothign wrong” scenario it was first made out to be.

    As far as these “pedestrian rights” advocates are concerned, I just don’t get it. As soon as I was old enough to walk outside, I learned to NEVER purposely walk into the street or in front of cars, so this need for a “pedestrian rights” advocate is absolutely laughable to me.

    Bottom line: these people are uber-leftists, Hell-bent on getting rid of the automobile, say nothing of the SUV. This is the ultimate goal in Portland, and in the process have made it far harder for freight to pass through this very busy corridor, with the many shipping ports up and down the Pacific Northwest coast and inner waterways, costing both Washington and Oregon billions of dollars in lost revenue each year. By the way, how’s the
    “anti-car crusade” going for you, Oregon? What’s that? You’re broke?!? Say it ain’t so!”

    Cars were, from the VERY BEGINNING, the masters of the macadam, period. If you as a pedestrian are too stupid to share the ROAD (not path, not sidewalk, not easement, but ROAD) with a 2000-plus pound hunk of steel, aluminum and fiberglass, then you absolutely deserve the consequences, unintended or otherwise. Obviously there are rules that cars must follow for pedestrian safety, but lets face it – going back to the Model-T, we made this far without too much problems between the pedestrian and the automobile, so why now do we suddenly need a “pedestrian rights” advocate?

    Did we as a society get suddenly dumber overnight, not having a clue about cars and how they’re bigger than us, or something?

    Or more to the truth, isn’t this really a case of people, who again, have WAY too much time on their hands as well as possessing an inate inability to stay out of other people’s business?

    C’MON PEOPLE, THIS IS A NO BRAINER!!! CAR vs. PEDESTRIAN – CAR WINS EVERYTIME, so again, if you don’t have an I.Q. larger than your shoe size or grade level, it’s probably best to stay as far away from moving cars as possible.

    I’m just saying…

    All that being said, my thoughts and prayers are still with BOTH families as there are NO winners in this sad tale. Two lives permanently ruined, two families locked in a sort of “perma-mourn” for the rest of their lives. There will daily occurances where something will remind both families of their loved ones who will never come back to them. Grant it, the “rappers” family WILL get to visit him, but having a loved one locked up for life is pretty the same thing as them being dead.

    What a complete waste of humainty.

  • la rider

    @Erik G

    “Uber Leftist”? Then you must be a “Uber Rightist”? C’mon where do you get off trying come off as and unbiased observer, you’re not “condoning” his actions right?

  • Erik G.

    @la rider

    No, no! Not condoning the view at all. Just wanted to share what someone spent a long time writing.


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