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  • I really want to echo the sentiments of the 10 non-L.A. specific transit blogs. and have become essential reading for me and they go meatier into transit issues than is discussed on most blogs.

  • “Over 96 percent of passenger miles traveled take place in either cars or airplanes. Another 3 percent travel by bus, leaving only a fraction of 1 percent traveling by trolleys or light rail.”
    (From the Washington Times editorial)

    This kind of reasoning is very common and very deceptive. In my neighborhood I can make lots of useful trips, without traveling lots of miles. People in the suburbs or rural areas have to travel much farther to do the same amount of stuff that I can do on foot, or on transit, traveling short distances.

    Not every mile of travel is necessary. Back in the day I used to drive around the burbs out of sheer boredom. By the logic of the editorial, all of those miles were significant and even worthy of public support and subsidy.

    Actually, I was just wasting gas for no good reason in a land use pattern that is obsolete and unsustainable.

  • james

    I wonder if the Turkish spam is transit related?