Today’s Headlines

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  • Well, the Bus Bench folks again put the lie to their proclainmd greatness as journalists. In their latest diatribe about Gold Line safety they describe the latest meeting of the Review Advisory Committee as if it is a hearing aimed at spin control about the alleged safety lapses they and others keep yelling about.

    As my post on the meeting last week made clear this is just an opportunity to use the venue of the monthly meeting to air any concerns. To talk of the meeting being held with the agency “pulled kicking and screaming” to holding it and the purpose is the “gross discrepancies” of the Gold Line is exaggeration and unfounded.

    Some may claim this is just a matter of style, that the Bus Bench employs hyperbole in service of its proclaimed seriously satiric approach. But these folks have also loudly claimed they are engaged in activism and journalism so accuracy certainly should be important if their goal is other than entertainment.

    I do agree with their critucism of Metro for not updating its page on the RAC on the Metro website. I received the agenda for the 1/14 meeting over a week ago and yet nothing about it is posted even now. That is wrong and I hope Metro does better in the future.