Today’s Headlines

  • Costs, Delays Ballooning for Expo Phase I (Times)
  • National Bike Magazine Praises Rosendahl on Cyclist Protection Law (Road.CC)
  • Bizarre Write-Up of Pedestrian Death on I-170 (ABC 7)
  • Voters Decide CD2 Race Today (Daily News)
  • "Festival of Lights" Holds More Nights for Peds. Than Cars.  Bikes Still Getting Shafted (City Watch)
  • D.I.Y. in NYC, Activists Re-Paint Former Bike Lane (NYC Streetsblog)
  • From the Beginning, Cellular Industry Has Marketed Devices to Drivers (NYT)
  • EPA Issues Final Ruling: Greenhouse Gases Can Be Regulated as a Threat to Human Health (NYT)
  • Editorial: Ruling Way Overdue (Times)

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