What GOOD Ideas Do You Have?


On December 5th, Good Magazine will host an event
called L.A.
2.0: Refresh, Reinvent and Re-imagine
, which will assemble 25 leading
urban practitioners for an afternoon to identify five key urban strategies to
improve the physical environment in Los Angeles.

I’m pleased to participate in this event and plan to
share some good ideas I’ve learned from many of my sustainability-oriented nonprofit clients,
which have included the L.A. County Bicycle Coalition, Bike Kitchen,
Bikestation, Reconnecting America, Green LA Coalition and many others.

As a facilitator, I often work to brainstorm ideas from groups
I’m working with at retreats.   I’m curious to hear what
GOOD ideas YOU have to improve the physical environment in Los Angeles. 
Bike Boulevards? Transit-Oriented Development? Community Gardens? Taco
Trucks?  Please post your ideas as comments.  I look forward to
reading what you have to say.  Thanks!


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