Today’s Headlines

  • Annenberg’s Neon Tommy Blog Destroys Metro’s Turnstile Experiment
  • Biggest Obstacle to HSR in CA?  Land Use (CAHSR Blog)
  • Don’t Take Our Chargers!  S.D. Contemplating Building a New Stadium (
  • Eastside Extension Getting a Speed Boost (The Source)
  • Where Is Transit Ridership Increasing the Most in America? (Planetizen)
  • Pay-As-You-Go Insurance Coming to CA (Treehugger)
  • Opera About How 110 Affected Surrounding Communities Over Last Half Century Opens (LA Now)
  • Philly Cyclists Look to L.A. for Inspiration Fighting Bike Licensing (Philly Inquirer

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  • Erik G.

    This is a complete debacle and I would not be suprised if we someday find out that Burke got her house refurbishment and the Brentwood rental that got her tossed from office, paid for by Cubic.

    The gates only increased revenues for the initial test BECAUSE METRO STAFFED THE GATES with either their own staff in vests, Cubic staff in vests (neither of which have any authority to check fares) and then sherrif’s deputies. I use the Wilshire/Normandie station twice daily and it was pathetic to see such a waste of law enforcement there every single day for over 30 days.

    And in the meantime, I HAVE NOT BEEN CHECKED ONCE for a ticket on the Red/Purple Line ever since this asnine turnstile project started, nor have I seen law enforcement on board any trains, save for early morning/off-duty. in-uniform commuters.

    I have been told I can’t use the one ADA faregate though, because my “bag was not big enough”.