Streetfilm: Earl Blumenauer Visits New York

"The tide is turning," Transportation Alternatives Paul White exclaims towards the end of this most recent Streetfilm, "In fact, it’s already turned."

White is celebrating the good work underway in New York City during a tour of the city’s bike facilities with the head of the Congressional Bike Caucus, Portland’s Earl Blumenauer.  To their credit, the tour wasn’t just a review of NYCDOT’s greatest hits; but also included a ride on the 6th Ave. bike lane, which might be the most dangerous one in North America.

However, the tone of the video is triumphal. Blumenauer himself notes that change is in the air across the country.  In addition to New York and Portland, he ticks off a list of cities who’s activists are paving the way towards sustainability.  Chicago.  Washington, D.C. Los Angeles.  Better biking isn’t just for college towns anymore.

The Streetfilm ends with a call for action.  At some point Congress and President Obama are going to agree to a transportation funding and policy bill.  Even though Congress is hearing more and more from Livable Streets advocates, it’s going to be incumbent on all of us to give them the cover to buck the auto industry when the time comes.  Hopefully someday soon a visit from Blumenauer won’t be cause for celebration because every city will have its own contingent of bike-friendly Congressmen.

(editor’s note: Streetfilms has undergone a re-design and looks pretty nice.  If you haven’t been over there in some time, make sure to check it out at.)


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