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Today Streetsblog features the seventh returned CD2 Questionnaire, this time from Michael McCue, a member of the Studio City Neighborhood Council who has been endorsed and actively supported by the local chapters of the Green Party.

As you might expect, McCue's answers show a strong grasp of how to get things done in City Hall without the power of elected office and a commitment to expanding transit and keeping streets safe.  In the derby to get the all-important Stephen Box endorsement, McCue shoots ahead of the other six candidates who reference the uber-activist  in our questionnaire by suggesting that he would try and put Box on staff.

Previously, Mary Benson, Chris Essel, Tamar Galatzn, Paul Krekorian, Frank Sheftel
and Zuma Dogg have all filled out the questionnaire.  Full Streetsblog
coverage can be found here.

1) When you commute to work, how do you do it?

When I commute to advocate
downtown at City hall, I always take the Red Line Subway.  When going
to work, I have used mass transit for about three of last ten years and
my 2001 Prius about seven of last ten years.

What percentage of the trips that you take don't involve an automobile?

Probably about 30%.

2) Over the past year, a number of surface streets in the valley
have had their speed limits raised.  Are these increases a result of
the natural order, or an interest that needs to be addressed?

Needs to be addressed because
the process for reviewing and modifying the speed limits is wrong. 
Must be changes made at state level.  Surveys are conducted at off
hours or off-days and new recommendations for limits don't reflect
actual usage at peak hours or daily basis. 

What, if anything can be done to reverse these changes?

Must elect state reps who will reform this procedure and/or reform the procedure ourselves through political pressure.

3) The city is currently studying leasing the rights to its
parking meters and certain parking garages for a large cash payment up
front.  Do you support this kind of financing ideas, and if so what
kind of conditions should be part of any agreement with a private

I oppose any leasing or sales
to private firms of our parking meters or parking services at all. 
This was done in the City of Chicago with disastrous results.  I oppose
any agreement with a private firm for parking meter partnerships, etc...

4) What can the City Council do to reduce and prevent fatal
crashes involving pedestrians, cyclists and other vulnerable users?

This was a huge issue for our
Studio City Neighborhood Council because of the fatalities and crashes
we experienced at the intersection of Tujunga and Woodbridge.  A hit
and run fatality to a pedestrian three years ago and we began a
campaign to get a Smart Walk installed...Wendy Greuel's office ignored
this request for years until a single mother and her young daughter
were hit and crippled at the same intersection.  We got publicity for
this situation and shamed Wendy's office into action.  The Smart Walk
was finally installed within a few weeks. 

Prevention of crashes can be
supported by marking the lanes properly and educating the public about
the legality of the Bike Lanes and teaching the public to respect the
wisdom of using two-wheeled commuting practices and respecting the
space of those who do.

5) The former Council Woman for CD2, Wendy Greuel, chaired the
Transportation Committee.  Do you want to be part of the Transportation

Would love to, but not sure if that assignment will be mine as Council person for CD-2.

6) One of the ways that a City Council Member can effect change
for non-motorized users is by appointing informed activists to the
city's Bicycle Advisory Committee and Pedestrian Advisory Committee. 
Are you familiar with community activists who could best serve an
appointed position on these committees?

I consider Stephen Box to my adviser on these issues and would surely appoint him to Transportation,
or recommend him in advisory capacity if given the chance by the
voters.  I would also consider Stephen to be on the staff for CD-2 if
he was interested.  Should he desire to remain an unpaid adviser,
better for the city budget, but I personally think his input and
dedication are worthy of a city salary.

7) If you could change one thing about transportation in Los Angeles with the wave of a magic wand, what would it be? 

my magic wand I would wave it over the Valley and "poof" when the smoke
cleared, our electric rail car system from the mid-20th century period
would be back in place and Valley commuters could once again get
downtown in 20 minutes on electric power.  That's my nostalgic wish for
use of my magic wand.  My serious current-century wish would be
three-fold--expanded and improved vike lanes throughout the city, the
Subway to the Sea (making sure that it goes all the way through), and a
more convenient mass transit connection to the Airport, including a
special busline that goes to Dodger Stadium on game nights.

Thank you, everyone!  I appreciate
your consideration of our campaign and I ask for your support and your
endorsement for CD-2! 




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