Today’s Headlines

  • Jackson Memorial a Logistical Nightmare for City (AP)
  • That Was Fast, "Gold Line Bus" Already on Chopping Block (Metro Rider)
  • Long Beach Rolls Out Sustainable Development Pattern (Press Telegram)
  • Mixed Use, Low Income Coming to Marina Del Rey (Argonaut via LA Now)
  • Santa Monica Reacts to Gas Prices: Less Driving, More Bikes, More Transit (Daily Press)
  • Angry Dude Angry About Mixed-Use Development Concepts on Wilshire in SM (Daily Press)
  • Council Says Goodbye to Greuel, Barely Mention the Other Guy (Daily News)
  • Texas Puts Breaks on Private Toll Roads (Engineering News Record)
  • NYT Health Blog: Is Cycling Bad for Your Bones?
  • Reflecting on the Pitfalls of Disney-fied Transit (Transport Politic via
  • Those two Daily Press articles reveal two very different Santa Monicas. One shows a green, transit-friendly city and the other is represented by Bill Bauer, in his constant anti-transit, anti-pedestrian, rants.

    Bill Bauer still lives under the delusion that Santa Monica is a suburb like Carpenteria and a quaint, little beach town like Pismo Beach, rather than a sub-regional job center in its own right. Fortunately, his viewpoint is not a majority one as shown by the rejection of Measure T by Santa Monica voters last November.

  • It’s good to see Mixed-Use development in Marina Del Rey, but you better live walking distance to a Big Blue Blus stop if you want transit. Don’t even think of depending on the 108 Metro Bus if you want your sanity in tact.

  • The proposed MDR development is right next to Rapid 3 bus stop