KPCC Wants Your Car-Free Stories

Public Radio station KPCC, 89.3 on your radio dial, is looking for stories about car-free living and the fiscal impact of owning and riding a bike instead of driving a car. I’ve heard some people worry that Streetsblog and similar websites end up becoming an echo-chamber for like minded people; well here’s a chance to tell your story to a larger group of people.

This car-free outreach is part of what KPCC is calling the Insight Network, where the newsroom looks to the public to inform its coverage of issues. If you want to take a second to fill out their form to tell them why you choose to ride instead of driver, you can fill out their survey here. All information is for their private use unless you state otherwise. To read the announcement of this new initiative by Sharon McNary in the KPCC newsroom, read on after the jump.

Hello from Sharon McNary in the KPCC newsroom.

With gas prices going up again, I’m looking for personal stories about people who are car-less or who are using their cars a lot less. If you’d like to share your insights on how your bicycle is changing your financial life, click this link:

People who respond to the bicycle questions become part of a group of public radio news sources called the Insight Network. Sources get about one e-mail a month asking about their experiences on other issues in the news. It’s a direct line into our newsroom and a good way to help shape the news you hear on Southern California Public Radio.

It’s confidential – responses are used only for journalistic purposes – and nothing you share will be aired or published without your permission.

Thanks very much for your help,

Sharon McNary

Public Insight Journalism at KPCC
89.3 KPCC-FM, 89.1 KUOR-FM, and 90.3 KPCV

Southern California Public Radio |

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  • Hi Damien and Streetsblog community — thanks very much for posting my questions! I’m getting several very helpful responses. It’s not on the query form, but feel free to include your take on the proposed Bicycle Master Plan or other strategies that could make cycling better for you in Southern California. Same link:

    Sharon McNary
    Public Insight Journalism at KPCC

  • Wow, awesome! Maybe I should donate some of the money I save by not owning a car to KPCC! I also posted my responses over at my blog. I’d be interested to read what other people had to say too!

  • Maybe I should donate some of my car-free savings to KPCC :)

    I also posted my responses to the questionnaire over on my blog. I’ll be very interested to hear what other people had to say!

  • Did it – was fun. Sounds like a great story opp for all


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