Today’s Headline

  • Times Announces Bike Maps on LA Now blogsite
  • LABAC Member Kent Strumpell Comments on BMP (Streetsblog Comments)
  • Gold Line Extension Not Opening in June (LAist)
  • Child Cyclist in Hospital after Crash with Car in Thousand Oaks (TO Acorn)
  • Houston’s Light Rail System Is Spurring Progress on Ped-Friendly Streets (Houston Chron)
  • Here’s One Example of How Parking Requirements Make Housing More Expensive (SF TOD)
  • Yglesias: TOD Pays
  • Bike in Style: See Winning Entries in Design Comp for Bike Clothing and Accessories (Runway)
  • 36 Reasons Streetcars Are Better Than Buses


    I thought this was great. There are portions of Los Angeles County that will not see heavy or light rail, but might benefit from a streetcar. These “trams” are being put in all over the world. (I did a graduate paper on Edinburgh’s tram network under construction now.)

    Here’s hoping a thousand streetcars bloom.

    Vetura Blvd. and Sunset Blvd. seem like good places to start.