Help Roadblock Find the Driver Who Hit Him and Fled

5_20_09_roadblock_sign.jpgNew sign on Glendale Blvd.

Late Monday night, "Roadblock" one of the most prominent of the Midnight Ridazz, was rear-ended and left in the street during a hit-and-run assault on Glendale Blvd.  As he wrote on Midnight Ridazz:

Was heading N. On glendale blvd. Was in far right lane preparing for a
change to left lane to make left at park. I looked back and saw a car
approaching at extremely high speed. I aborted my lane transfer and the
car swerved into my lane and rear ended me at about 45mph. I flew up
onto hood and probably dented hood and windshield. Drive applied breaks
and I flew off into the street in the right lane. My read wheel is
taco-ed and rear of bike smashed.

I had a helmet on. I was solo. Rear light on. Reflectors on shoes and headlight on flash minewt night rider.

Anyone that witnessed the crash or has other information is urged to contact him at the information above.  The dark colored sedan should have dents on its hood and windshield and the license plate is close to 6GYC11.

Because Don has become something of a well-known face at City Hall in recent months, his crash could help highlight the unsafe streets that many cyclists face.  Hopefully this crash can lead to better street protections for all of us.  This trend of hitting cyclists and fleeing the scene needs to be addressed, and addressed soon.

  • Catch up on the craziness at Midnight’s discussion of the crash:

  • stylee

    On Saturday I was hit by the mirror of a Hummer that had no license plate.

    The driver didnt stop, and I wasnt badly injured. That kept me from becoming another stat in the growing number of bike-car hit & runs.

    The vehicle was one of dozens I see everyday without a license plate, and without a paper “temporary plate”… nor any indication that it was even newly purchased…

    To me, it seems like the law requiring 2 license plates is simply not enforced. I wondered if there is there any effort underway to enforce vehicle license plate regulations?

    As I looked into it, I learned about all the hit & runs.. and how its a lesser crime to leave a scene that it would be to get a DUI… easy choice!

    Then I was reminded about the hummer-bike incident that happened downtown this summer. That car had no plate, and the incident escalated because the bike had to try and stop the driver from fleeing.

    I havent seen anything about this issue except a few blog posts, but it seems like an important one to me… I would have loved to noted the plate of the vehicle that nearly ran me over this weekend.


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