Today’s Headlines

  • Metro Votes to Build Now and Fundraise Later: 405 Widening Get Green Light (Daily News)
  • CA’s Air Resource Board Up Low Carbon Fuel Requirement (Times)
  • Goal of Clean Trucks Program Should Be Cleaner Trucks (Times)
  • Joe Biden Spent Earth Day Talking Transit at a Bus Depot (Takeaway)
  • Man Killed When Bus/Car Crash Pushes Car into Bus Stop (KNX)
  • Gold Line Extension Will Be Bi-Lingual (Bottleneck Blog)
  • White House Security Won’t Let Energy Sec Bike to Work (Grist)
  • Stuck in DC Gridlock, Rep. Oberstar Can’t Get to Transit Presser (T4America via
  • West LA Pedaler

    As usual, KNX mis-reports on yesterday’s Big Blue Bus fatality: it was in Westchester, not Playa del Rey.

    Perhaps this tragedy would not have occurred, if the LA County Rail network plan from the 1960’s was actually built, and we had the “Green Line” running elevated down Lincoln Boulevard.

    On a related note, three cheers for DAMIEN GOODMON, and his frickin’ obnoxious, arrogant, mean-sprited and now successful campaign to grade-separate Phase I Expo through South LA. His BRU-like campaign tactics make me ill, but I’m very pleased with the outcome. Congratulations for demonstrating that ONE MAN can make a difference. Now, please take a vacation, or some at least, have a smoke and relax.