Today’s Headlines

  • PUC Decision on Expo Delayed Again (Times)
  • With an Assist from the Prez, CA’s Greenhouse Gas Plans May Bear Fruit (Times)
  • Metro Boosting Amenities for Cyclists (Daily News)
  • "Old and Punitive" Bike License Law Revoked (City Watch)
  • More on the End of Free Parking for Hybrids (LA Now)
  • Officials Say ROW Best Place for Expo Phase II (LA Now)
  • Senate Stim Bill Excludes Funding Stream for Bike Paths (Philly Bike Coalition via
  • Mike Dukakis On the Future of Rail in the U.S. (Autopia)
  • 15 Year Old Kills Self and Brothers After Stealing Car (Times)
  • On the KTLA Morning News (Channel 5), the news anchors discussed biking in the city and the need for bicycle lanes. One of the anchors rode his bike to work one day and they were discussing bicycling on the air.

    They’ve also had reporters take transit on television to show people how friendly and usable it is as compared to what people fear.

    I will say this about KTLA, they will discuss transit issues with at least an open mind.