The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

change and peak oil challenge us to to change how we live in ways that
are hard to imagine. How will we respond, and what systems are possible
to help us adapt to radically changing conditions? One powerful model
we can learn from is Cuba.

When the Soviet Union
collapsed in the early 1990s Cuba experienced the sudden loss of trade
and over 50 percent of their oil imports. Cuba’s Gross Domestic Product
dropped by more than one third, transportation halted and food became
scarce – on average Cubans lost 20 pounds during the first 3 years of
the economic crisis. Yet Cubans triumphed over adversity through local
solutions. The film visits urban gardens and organic farms, explains
the relationship between food and fossil fuels, and shows how a society
can change from an industrialized, global focus to a local, community
based one. It is a rare view into this island culture, using firsthand
reporting that focuses on what Cuban’s have learned and can share about
adapting to living with less.

7:00 PM – Gather, refreshments & snacks

7:30 PM – Screening

8:30 PM – Discussion – implications to our local community and positive actions we can take.

Einem will speak briefly about the Transition Initiative starting up in
Pasadena and how is can be used to transition away from fossil-fuel
dependency to a resilient, sustainable community.

Please consider biking, walking, taking public transportation ( or carpooling to this event. Suggested voluntary donation of $5. For more information call 714-906-8686 or email

Sponsored by Converging Storms Action Network

  • Back in the early 1990s nobody, friend or foe, gave the Cuban Revolution 6-months to survive after it lost its main trading partners and especially the Soviet Union, to which it had become very dependent. The resulting situation was far worse than, for example, the Great Depression in the USA. I haven’t seen this documentary, but if it tells a bit about what Cuba did to survive I think it will be good food for thought. If you’d like to read more about Cuba and US-Cuba relatins check out:

  • More comment spam from the Cuban government approved website HavanaTimes.ORG. See HavanaTimes.COM for the truth about this communist propaganda website.



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