LADOT Looking for Bike Coordinator

LADOT Senior Bike Coordinator Meets with Residents as Part of Positively 4th Street Ride

In a sign that maybe, just maybe, the City is getting really serious about bike infrastructure, but LADOT is looking for a new bike coordinator to join Senior Bike Coordinator Michelle Mowery’s team.  Looking at the application, I would guess a lot of Streetsblog readers might make the minimum requirements.

The project coordinator is responsible for coordinating the grant-funded bike parking program, work with consultants and vendors on project-related activities, and interface with leaders in the City Council, business community and advocacy community along with other less glamorous tasks such as checking bike racks and providing audits.

If you’re interested, have a year of related experience, a bachelor’s degree in a related field, although an M.A. is preferred and can ride a bike; you should download the city’s application form at, complete it and send it with a cover letter to:

LADOT Bureau of Personnel Services,
100 South Main Street, 10th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Photo: Ingrid Peterson/Flickr

  • This is good news!

  • One step in the right direction towards changing the culture at LADOT!

    ‘Tis tempting to apply….if only I didn’t have such a strong aversion to bureaucracy… and such a fondness for all things DIY….

    I hope they get someone awesome in there. There certainly are a lot of excellent candidates out here in LA.

  • Well, since I’ve applied for and been rejected from nearly every significant bike-industry job that has opened up in the past two years, I might as well apply for this too!

    My mailbox awaits my rejection letter!

  • Ubrayj02 for president!

  • Uh Oh Brayj!

    Looks like we are going to have to have an old fashioned dance-off!
    That is the only way to settle this. In our fantasy world where creative, intelligent and dedicated people rule the LADOT!!

    Now I’m definitely going to apply. I want my rejection letter framed!

  • Wait a minute, this position would put someone … gasp! … under Mowery!

    IT’S A TRAP!

    She’s the Senior Program Coordinator, this job would be for a Program Coordinator under her watchful gaze. Ack!

    I nominate Stephen Box!

  • ‘Nuff Said:

  • HA!! Thanks for the heads-up Brayj!

    I’m telling you Damien – put together a “Fantasy League” piece of who should apply for this job…. I nominate Joe Linton!

    I’m not going to bother applying because it seems like a bit of a bother, especially since I’ve worked for the city before.

    Can be quite bothersome indeed.

  • Wellll…. I’ve been mentioned… and I do plan to apply, though I am not sure my skill mix is what the DOT would be looking for. I don’t think it’s a trap – if we riders don’t work with the DOT, then who’s gonna implement bike projects and policies.

    I think it’s an opportunity to get someone into the mix at the DOT that will be pro-bike. If we’re going to get bike facilities built and bike policies implemented, then the DOT will play a big role in that. I think that our job as advocates is to make it easier for DOT staff to do a good job. I think that this is a small opening to influence the DOT to be more bike-friendly.


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