Bike Shop Hosts “The Great Measure R” Debate

There’s been one small thing missing from the Measure R debate.  With the exception of political posturing from county supervisors and a small debate hosted by Green LA, there hasn’t been an actual "debate" between the proponents and opponents of Metro’s sales tax proposal.

Well, thanks to Josef Bray-Ali and his Flying Pigeon bicyle shop, that’s going to change tomorrow evening.  The bike shop will be hositng the Southern California Transit Advocate’s Hank Fung and the Bus Bench’s Randall "Bus Tard" Flemming tomorrow evening at 7:00 P.M.  The Flying Pigeon shop is located at 5711 N. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA 90042.

Here’s a description of the debate in Josef’s own words.  To read an even more full description check out his blog at Flying Pigeon LA.

The debate will be sizzling! It will start with introductions at 7
p.m. A coin toss will determine who gets to offer their argument for or
against Measure R first, each speaker will get a chance to rebut the
other’s argument..

In the “Yes on R” corner we’ll have Hank Fung, Treasurer of the Southern California Transit Advocates,
a nonprofit transit advocacy group which is one of the supporters of
Measure R listed in the ballot pamphlet. Fung, a licensed civil
engineer, is currently pursuing a master’s degree in public
administration at Cal Poly Pomona.

In the “No on R” corner, we’ll have Randall “BusTard” Fleming, a writer, public transit advocate, and regular contributor to The Bus Bench,
a Los Angeles-based blog. A former magazine publisher (Angry Thoreauan,
1987-2001), with 20 years of experience in the print industry, he has
also contributed to a great many books, periodicals and newspapers in
Los Angeles and New York: New York Post, Working World Magazine,
Brooklyn Spectator, Discover Hollywood!, Home Reporter, Ben Is Dead,
Flipside, Los Feliz Ledger, Sabotage in The American Workplace
(Pressure Drop Press), Notes From the Underground: Zines and the
Politics of Alternative Culture (Verso), and several of the
Unreinforced Masonry Studio books about Los Angeles. He presently
resides in downtown Los Angeles but is occasionally at large, lurking
about in the Lower East Side and Brooklyn.


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