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Not Again! Another Story Tells of Attack on Ballona Creek Trail

Late Friday, I received the following email after it had been forwarded a couple of times detailing another attack of a cyclist, David Santor, on the Ballona Creek Bike Trail.  The good news is the LAPD seems to recognize that there's a real problem on the trail and wants to do something about it.  However, the bad news certainly outweighs the good.

If you're a regular user of the trail, or would like to ride it for the first time in a group setting, the Livable Street's Network group "Concerned Cyclists of Ballona Creek" are sponsoring a ride this Saturday.

The following message is posted with the permission of the author:

On Thursday, October 16 at 4:30 P.M., I was doing my normal bike ride on Ballona Creek bike path Ihad just gone 23 miles out of 26 and was going about a speed of 19and 4 hispanic guys about 15 -18 years of age(they had on jeans andt-shirts some with black T's and they ambushed me into the rail and Iflew over the rail on the crew side. they started beating me up andwanted everything I had. I was in shock at first and did not know whathappened. They kept shouting at me in foul language and asked from myIPod and anything else I had they continued to beat me until I realizedwhat was happening and I finally shouted 911, 911, 911 and they ranaway.  All they got my $2500 bike.  They wanted other stuff in pocketsbut they could not get into my pockets. I could not move much andstayed down until they left.  It was near the McConnell Ave. entranceless then a block west near the building.

AsI got up a couple bikers passed me and saw me did not say anything. Then another man on bike came and asked to call 911, which I had myphone on me and started to.  He advised of another couple almost gotinjured by guys with a knife, which I do not know his name or therestory, he had left.  A gentleman from the building came out and advisedhe called 911 and they were on there way, which I had just gotten thruas well.  He advised this has been happening in the area recently, heleft.  Another man on a bike saw me and he stayed until the ambulancegot there.

I was praying and thankful that Iwas not killed or worst.  The fire department showed up first as I waslaying on the ground, followed by police and ambulance.  They took meto Brotman Medical Center.  I am thankful for the kindness and care Iwas given by emergency and hospital staff.  I have wounds on my arms,leg and shoulder and broken collar bone and bruised neck, back,shoulder and lungs.  I will be seeing the orthopedic Monday todetermine if he wants to do surgery. 

Thepolice officers did tell me that there has been many problems onBallona Creek path, because of the housing projects and they have notcaught anyone.  They said they need to do something so this stopshappening.

Thank you all for your kind wordsof sympathy.  I would like to help see the right thing happen, soothers will not have to go through what I or others have gone through. I will keep you posted on outcome and hopefully see you at event.

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