Site LA Opens “We Ride by Night” Exhibit


This Saturday Site LA will open a new exhibit featuring the artistic creation of bicyclists about their love of biking in LA.  "We Ride By Night" is curated by Dorothy Le of LACBC fame and features the work of  Stephen Roullier, Ashira Siegel, Leslie Caldera, and Wendy Peng. 

Site LA invites you to their reception this Saturday:

Ride on over to Quiksilver siteLA Saturday, October 11th, 6-9pm for the
“We Ride By Night” opening reception. Special musical performances by
Super Karma and Telemetique with dj sets by Laundromat United. Also,
burritos will be provided with donation to The Burrito Project.

Site LA is located at 2522 Sunset Boulevard.  To have a sneak peak of two of the pieces and a description in the artist’s own words, read on after the jump.

Critical Mass by Leslie Caldera

Leslie Explains:

I have been making assemblages and collages for over 35 years now.

was inspired to create the works in this exhibition by my experiences
riding with groups of cyclists through the city at night. I strive to
convey through these works, the wonderful freedom and joy I have
experienced on these nocturnal sojourns.

V/Critical Mass" is specifically about the once a month group ride
during rush hour that reminds auto drivers that cyclists have a legal
right to be on the street.

Gold by Wendy Peng

Wendy explains:

I was born and raised in Costa Mesa, CA. It seems that I lived through
the an age of the "graphic explosion" were graphic design came into the
mainstream of the world of art and culture. Where t-shirt and shoe
designs became highly sought after and were collectibles. Many of my
works involve using the computer as a tool along with drawing and
painting and stenciling.

The group of work I will be showing at SiteLA are my
representations of the different aspects of the current bike culture
and community. Each explorations are drawn and the rendered within the
restrictive size and shape of a head
badge. These emblems are a mark of membership to distinctive parts of
the bike community. The designs are executed on paper in place of
typical permanent bike badge material because like personalities, the badgesare
allowed to showcase their design without distractions from the image of
the bike or the rider. I used a variety of mediums from pencil and
pixels to
watercolors and acrylics in developing the final design.

"Gold" in particular is a commentary on the Aerospoke and its relative
professional status of the item itself and the particular bike
community that claims it.


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