Problems at 6464 Sunset Highlight Need for Bike Parking Law

Car Culture Paradise: 6464 Sunset Blvd.

Across the country, our friends in NY have been reporting on efforts to pass legislation requiring that commercial landlords allow tenants to bring bicycles into the building.  Apparently, we could use such a law here in Los Angeles as well.

Cyclists are reporting increased efforts to keep bicycles out of the places where people work.   One example is the efforts of Paramount Contractors and Development, Inc. building on 6464 Sunset Blvd. has recently told bike commuters who work in the building that they can no longer bring their bikes into the building or park them in the parking garage.  Instead, they are told to park their bikes at the one U-shaped bike rack on the street.  One U-rack.  For roughly 30 daily bike commuters.

The building management, which provides a large parking garage for those who drive to work, argues that it’s not their problem that there isn’t enough bike parking.  They have repeatedly had security stop cyclists from parking in the car garage and now that cyclists are bringing bikes into the building are threatening to revoke tennant leases.

Unfortunately for Paramount Contractors and Development, they aren’t just wrong morally, they may also be in violation of the city’s zoning requirement.  Los Angeles’ zoning laws require that new commercial property of more than 10,000 sq. feet provide adequate bike parking.  Paramount is in the process of revamping and upgrading the buildings which brings it within the perview of Los Angeles’ bike parking requirements.

Picture: Donna Grayson/Flickr

  • I will protest everything that has to do with Paramount Studios until they provide SECURE INDOOR parking!
    I don’t park my bike on the street anymore because they get stolen. I know plenty of people whose bike that was parked on the street, had been stolen in the past couple months.
    I hope Paramount will step up and do the right thing. Encourage biking to work by providing SAFE INDOOR parking for all, employees and visitors alike. Until then, good-bye Paramount!

  • 6464sucks

  • Wow. I must be fortunate that my employer is OK with me bringing my bike into my office. At the same time I’ve had to deal with security who have on occasions past “enacted” what they call new rules and what I call arbitrary crap.

    First I was told I couldn’t bring my bike through the lobby to the freight elevator — even if I carried it. Instead it was demanded that I to enter via the service entrance. No biggie.

    But then a few weeks ago upon arrival a guard from the building yelled out that I couldn’t ride my bike across the courtyard to get to the service entrance. When I asked why not and that I’d been doing it for the better part of a year he just said “new rule.” When I asked why there was no signage to accompany/enforce this “new rule” he shrugged and told me to take it up with management on the second floor. I politely declined, advising that management could take it up with me directly up in my office on the 10th and that until there’s appropriate signage and specific notification made, then he could just count on my noncompliance.

    PS. Enci’s outrage is appreciated but I think she’s misdirecting it at the wrong Paramount. I don’t think the studio operates this building.

  • Weak sauce 6464 sunset!

    I work down the street. At our studio not only can you bring your bike into the building, they made a rack to hang it on!

    You would think they would be encouraging MORE bike riding to work. Oh, I guess that interferes with collection on parking fees.

    Some people just don’t “get it”.


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