Today’s Headlines

  • Back to the Future for the Governator: Transit Robbing Budget Signed (Times)
  • House Spending Bill Would End Offshore Drilling Ban (NYT)
  • House and Senate Agree on Rail Safety Bill (Bottleneck Blog)
  • Metrolink Considers Adding Second Engineer to Trains (SF Chronicle)
  • LADOT’s Plan to Work with Neighborhood Councils Panned (CityWatch)
  • Parts of Southeast U.S. Gripped by Gas Shortages in Wake of Hurricanes (NBC)
  • New Bike Lane Comes to Glendale (Tropico Station)
  • $800 Million I-215 Widening Moves Forward (Press Enterprise)
  • Woman Self-Immolates in Extreme Road Rage Incident (London Times)
  • I assumed the road rage incident happened in London, but my god, road rage in the Cotswolds?!?! I spent a month there once, and it seemed like the most relaxed place on Earth (although the roads or “lanes” are very narrow). Either this shows just how pernicious cars are, or there was more involved with her mental state leading up to the incident.

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