CNN Reports on Christopher Thompson and Mandeville Incidents

Over the weekend, CNN reported on the Mandeville Canyon "Road Rage" bike crash and the perils of bicycling in Los Angeles.  The report features not only the first public picture of Christopher Thompson since the crash.  CNN cameras grabbed a shot of the doctor fleeing the court house after pleading not guilty last month.

In addition to victims Ron Peterson and Christian Stoehr, both of whom appear to be recovering well, the report also interviewed cyclist Patrick Watson.  Watson filed a report against Thompson for an almost identical incident as the July 4th crash.  He claims that while cycling down Mandeville Canyon, Thompson drove past him so quickly and closely that he was forced to bunny hop the curb.  When he re-entered the street Thompson slammed on the breaks nearly causing Watson to slam into his vehicle. 

As of this report, no charges have been filed in the Watson-Thompson incident from March.

  • Why do so many mainstream media reports refer to bicyclists running through stop signs, and our alleged lack of concern over the rules of the road? It has little, to nothing, to do with this particular story. Did these guys deserve to be assaulted for some sort of collective guilt of bike riders?

    After all, how many motorists obey the speed limits? Not many, I’d say. Does that mean I can pull up to any driver and punch them in the face, and use that as a justification?

  • Oh sweet! Next time I see a motorist who annoys me for any reason I’ll be sure to beat the sh*t out of him/her and blame it on his/her fellow motorists for not obeying the law 24/7. Last time I checked, vigilante justice was illegal in this country. If you think someone’s breaking the law, call the cops or do a citizen’s arrest. Sheesh.

    What if we replaced the word “bicyclist” with “black” or “Jew” or “woman”? People would be totally outraged…

  • can’t wait until dr. thompson is behind bars.

  • this dr. is a total freaking coward. i can’t say that i condone death threats – but at the same time – we all know he makes good on his threats – so maybe he needs to know what it feels like. (not death, being scared for his life)

    i echo the other comments. motorists see one idiot running through lights and all of the sudden we’re all anarchists.

    this is why i encourage good bicyclist behavior on the road. its very important to show everyone that you are a rational user of the road and are bound by the same rules as everyone else.

  • The saddest part is, I believe that the Dr. didn’t, doesn’t and won’t ever think he did anything wrong, and no amount of punishment will ever change that. Anything that happens to him will come with total shock on his behalf.

    I agree with a statement I read somewhere; the best punishment for him would be revocation of his driving privilege, and it be made mandatory that he cycle to/from work, up and down the same roads he terrorized.

  • Charles

    Not only should Dr. Thompson have his driving license taken away; he should no longer be allowed to practice medicine, since he broke the first rule of his oath: “do no harm”!


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