Social Networking with Streetsblog

This Image and More Available at LA Streetsblog’s Flickr Account

Over the weekend I began the work of expanding the Los Angeles Streetsblog community beyond what we see hear at by creating pages at two social networking sites.

First is a Facebook group which can be accessed here.  The group is open to everyone, so please feel free to join.  I didn’t make any decisions what to do with the group, whether it should be a discussion forum, a place to post related articles or something else entirely.  That’s up to the members that join the group and there’s already a mini-discussion going on in the forums.  We started the day with 30 members, let’s see if we can get more members than NYC Streetsblog’s page which currently sits at 69 members.

Second, I’ve established a Flickr account  for all of the photos I take that I don’t use for the actual blog.  I started the tedious process of downloading thousands of photos and have established some folders for two recent Critical Mass rides, politicians, and a gallery of images used at Streetsblog last month.

Photo: Damien Newton/Flickr



Happy Birthday, Streetsblog Los Angeles

It’s party time! Well, on February 21 it’s party time. Join Joel Epstein, Juan and Sirinya Matute, Deborah Murphy, Jay Slater, Meghan Sahli-Wells, and Lee Wallach and the rest of the Streetsblog Los Angeles team to celebrate Streetsblog’s 7th birthday at the House of Amy and Jonathan Weiss on February 21 at 4 p.m. Make your reservation at Event […]