Metro Takes the Lead on Fixing Walk of Fame

Last week, the LA Times reported that Metro will be taking the lead in restoring the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  For years, critics have contended that construction errors for the Red Line have led to the cracked and raised sidewalks, but despite Metro’s alternate theories, the agency will create a task force to rally government funds for the fixes and donate to the cause itself.

The Times reports:

The transit agency will set up a Walk of Fame Restoration Committee,
which will be asked to also seek financing from corporations, local
businesses and individual contributors, according to a report delivered
to members of an MTA planning committee.

The report noted that "the current condition of the sidewalks has
become unsightly and potentially dangerous to the many thousands of
pedestrians who frequent the area."

Ironically, while Metro pledges to fight for better pedestrian conditions in Hollywood for tourists and movie fanatics; it continues to resist efforts to place a 1% set aside for improving pedestrian conditions for the less glamorous communities in Los Angeles in its $40 billion sales tax proposal. 

Last week, Metro Board Chair Antonio Villaraigosa attempted to assure advocates that there would be plenty of money for bicycle and pedestrian projects in the ever shrinking Local Return set aside.  Recent versions of the sales tax expenditure plan have showed the allocation for Local Return has shrunk from 20% in early versions to 15% in current ones so that Metro has more funds for the Gold Line and highway projects.  Also last week, LADOT executive John Fisher noted at a City Council meeting that LADOT would likely spend over one quarter of its Local Return funds to balance its budget.

Photo: Tom Lohdan/Flickr 

  • yes, lets fix the tacky tourist eye-sore instead of right-of-ways that RESIDENTS actually use.

    good call metro.

  • Aaron

    Some bureaucratic notes for readers regarding sidewalk repairs – Metro isn’t responsible for sidewalk repair, anywhere. Each city does their own repair. LA’s siewalk repair program is beyond broke – as a result, they’re not even fixing safety hazards as of last year, although residents can pay for repairs (I know, LA is already paid taxes, but California’s tax structure is dysfunctional). I can’t imagine that’s improved this year.

    In contrast, Metro, a County agency, is doing this to forestall litigation about the damn thing – sometimes it’s cheaper and less grief to just pay the man. Having said that, I don’t think it’s solely Metro’s fault – the entire Walk of Fame has these problems, including the length of the Walk of Fame along Vine, not all of which is above the subway. The problem is that the Walk has no expansion joints. That’s a design flaw, and it isn’t Metro’s design either.

    If Metro were to use its portion of funding for pedestrian and bicycle improvements, it wouldn’t be on sidewalk repairs – that’s an LA City problem.

  • Those are all good points, Aaron. I didn’t mean to imply that Metro should be in the sidewalk fixing business, but both this project and the Bimini Place project show that given the right circumstances they will allocate funds to the City to do sidewalk projects. Just trying to make that point since I’ve been hearing that Metro doesn’t want to “tell cities how to spend their local returns” as one of the myriad of reasons why they won’t get behind a 1% allocation for bike/ped projects.


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