Live Online Chat with Pam O’Connor

Metro Board Chair Pam O’Connor wants all of us to imagine
a traffic-free future and to share those thoughts and opinions of Metro’s new
Draft Long Range Transportation Plan with her during her next live internet
chat on Wednesday, May 21, at noon PDT.

      What would it be like if traffic moved
during rush hour and we didn’t have to add an extra 45 minutes to every errand?
To every commute? What would we do with the time? Imagine an escape from $4
gas. Imagine a greener LA. Imagine rail crisscrossing the county. 

Share your thoughts on how we can generate local funds
to make these visions a reality including a discussion of freeway toll lanes
and a possible new half cent transportation sales tax for LA County. Share your
thoughts on the high price of gas and more. 

Talk to Pam at from noon to 1 p.m. or
send in questions in advance to


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Online Chat with Pam O’Conner

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Online Chat with Pam O’Conner

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