Today’s Headlines

  • Hiding under a rock all weekend? Had no idea the Shuttle rolled through town? Then, this link is for you: L.A. Times
  • Bridges about to “go boom,” says Curbed L.A., as preparations for Gold Line Extension warp into overdrive
  • El Monte has a new station! And it has restrooms!: The Source
  • More bike fatalities along the PCH and in Alhambra: Biking in LA
  • Happy birthday! Metro’s Trip Planner turns 13 and other fun historical facts: This date in Los Angeles transportation history
  • Someone at Atlantic Cities thinks we won’t get more women riding until more stores offer them a rainbow selection of bikes and a hot guy behind the counter. And no, this isn’t a this-date-in-history post. This is from 2012.
  • What’s behind the spike in gas prices? Shockingly, it might be ExxonMobile, says KABC-TV. Or, (even though it is unrelated) we could just blame Chevron for all those back taxes they owe El Segundo: L.A. Times. But, do we care why prices are up if it means cycling is on the rise? (Deseret News)
  • PXP officials will be meeting with the community tonight to talk about the study they released claiming that fracking is totally safe. Details about the meeting and why you should go are here. Also, how the demand for guar gum, a thickening agent used in fracking, is impacting India’s economy. (CNN)
  • The City Planning Commission finally passes ordinance lifting the ban on murals in L.A.: ARTINFO
  • CNBC finally eyes up that cardboard bike that made the social media rounds months ago as an investment prospect

More headlines from Capitol Hill are here.

4 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. It’s more accurate to say the City Planning Commission passed the mural ordinance. The Department of City Planning prepared the ordinance for the Commission’s consideration; it doesn’t have the authority to pass anything.

  2. I was curious about the “women and bicycles” article, and while reading it thought, “The automobile industry doesn’t have ‘women only’ car dealerships”.  Full disclosure: I have a daughter who lives in Davis CA, and probably bought her bike without regard for fashionability or “hot dude” behind the counter.

  3.  Yeah, it was a little outdated, I thought. Funny enough, the woman interviewed is from the small town in Wisconsin where my brother lives and near where I grew up. Things are a lot different there…I don’t think she is particularly representative–if they had interviewed people in Madison, a bigger, college town and very bike-friendly city, I think the author would have come to a very different conclusion.

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Today’s Headlines

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