LACBC’s Sleek New Video Promotes Bike Lanes on 7th Street

Earlier this week, the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC) debuted a new video promoting the 7th Street Bike Lanes that should be coming to Downtown Los Angeles this fall.  This Streetfilm quality video is an easily watchable story of three very different cyclists with each of them explaining in their own words, and own language, how bike lanes on 7th Street will make their lives better.

This video also shows a very public display of support from the Bus Riders Union towards the LACBC.  Speaking in Korean, Sunyoung Yang, one of the lead organizer’s for the civil rights group, make the case for bike lanes to improver her commute.  The BRU and LACBC have been showing up at each other’s press conferences recently, and it appears both groups are interested in pushing a true multi-modal agenda.

I could go on about this video, but its 2:15 seconds long.  Take a couple of minutes and watch it for yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Multi-modalism for the win!

  • Love:
    – The fact that we’re finally getting a bike lane on 7th that I can use in my every day commute
    – The high production value of this video

    – The fact that our standards are so low that getting a single bike lane is some kind of event. Other cities are doing fully seperated cycletracks in their most dense areas.

  • Let Them Eat Bike Lanes

    I think that this video makes a certain demographic (let’s call them “bleeding heart liberals”) feel really good about building bike infrastructure, but misses the mark as advertising to a general population.

    The next video ought to include some business owners along the route commenting on it, and some business owners/managers that hire cyclists or that use bicycles themselves for transportation.

    I know that is a harder nut to crack production wise, but it is important to focus on that image in Los Angeles where “economic growth” cabals have run this city in different directions for generations. With millions on the line with the CRA’s My Figueroa project, this lane is also about turning this region of the city into a bigger revenue generator – siphoning some of the money made in DTLA that leaves in cars everyday for the city limits.

    The pro-growth, republican, immigrant agnostics out there will be won over if they see that this makes LA safer, more profitable, etc.

  • Allison


    i hear your point. We made this video to celebrate the hard work of City of Lights, in which we campaigned for 2 years to get 7th St. a bike lane, first to be included in the bike plan at all (it used to not be there), and then to be one of the first lanes the City striped post-plan approval. It’s also LACBC/the City’s first foray into doing intensive multi-lingual outreach, so videos are great to reach out to folks who wouldn’t normally read a whole flier. Our goal is to eventually have the City study the feasibility of separated bike lanes on 7th.

  • Nice video. What is the lane design in regards to width and car doors and what is the speed limit on 7th?


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