Today’s Headlines

6_1_10_metro.jpgThis is going to be totally worth it…we promise…
  • Different Takes on Fridays Critical Mass v LAPD (LA Weekly, Fox, Curbed, Bikeside, KTLA, Soap Box, KPCC)
  • And the Photog Advocates Are Pissed! (Carlos Miller)
  • Biking In L.A. Has the Official Police Statement
  • LAPD Tough on Drivers Too.  They’ll Be Tough on This Kind of Driver at This Time and at This Place… (Daily News)
  • Oil Still Gushing Into Gulf of Mexico as Hurricane Season Begins (NYT
  • DASH Bus Cuts Leaving Some Student Commuters Without a Ride (Neon Tommy)
  • CHP Trying to Find Highway Sniper (LA_Now)
  • Brawls Break Out at Venice Broadwalk As Well (LAT)
  • LaHood: We Haven’t Endorsed Transit
    Operating Aid Bill
  • Obama Admits Mistakes in Spill Response, Won’t Admit Offshore Drilling
    Is a Mistake (NYT)
  • Charles Krauthammer Incapable of Connecting Deepwater Drilling to Oil
    Dependence (News)


Today’s Headlines

Graphic from Be a Green Commuter Blog on how to ride transit to campus. Four Cops from Last Friday’s Critical Mess Put on Desk Duty (LAT, LA Weekly) More on Tuesday’s LABAC/LAPD Meeting (LAist, KPCC) City should implement bike lanes in response to LAPD Critical Mass brutality (Eco-Village) Bicyclists Sue City of Seattle Over Crashes […]

Today’s Headlines

Comptroller Greuel Warns of Dire Financial Picture (LAT) Daily News: Should SoCal Coast Be Opened for Oil Drilling? LAist Gets a Statement from the Department of D.I.Y. Congressman Pushing 101 Cap Park (Downtown News) Whittier Wants Gold Line Route (Wave Newspapers) Ghost of Bush Transit Policies Still Costing Agencies Millions (DC Streetsblog) LaHood on Better […]

West Adams Neighbors Come Together to Oppose the Drillers Next Door

“So, those are not water trucks we see coming through the neighborhood?” asked an older gentleman enjoying the sunny Saturday afternoon with friends outside one of the men’s homes in the West Adams neighborhood. He was referring to the numerous heavy trucks ferrying enormous containers of acids and other drilling-related equipment and materials to the […]

RIP: Buffered Bike Lane in Front of LAPD Headquarters

This weekend, the Bureau of Street Services will be repaving parts of 1st Street in Downtown Los Angeles. After the repaving, the street will be repainted. Part of the repainting will include removing the buffer from the 1st Street Buffered Bike Lane in front of LAPD headquarters between Spring and Main Streets. The good news […]