Gov. 2.0? Activists Mimic Bike Plan Site

10_27_09_dot_org.jpgWhich one is which? Images: and

The other day, I noticed that some of the stories reviewing the Draft Bike Plan on Streetsblog were receiving incoming links from what I thought was the city’s Bike Plan Website.  Given the strong critiques of the plan and the city, I was surprised that the City Planning would link to the pieces written by Stephen Box and Joe Linton.

In short, they weren’t.

The Bike Working Group, the folks working on the alternate Bike Plan, holding their own workshops and having their own public outreach built their own website that is so similar in layout and design to the city’s official site that I thought I was looking at the real deal for a couple minutes.  Apparently I wasn’t alone, I’ve gotten emails from Neighborhood Councils and even the Los Angeles County Bike Coalition that have linked to the Bike Working Group’s site at and not the city’s site at

At the unofficial site, each tab takes you to a different link that goes to a different story criticizing the plan.  If that isn’t enough to tip you off that you’re at the "unofficial" site, the images at the top include a picture of Ron Peterson in the hospital after the Mandeville Canyon crash and a cyclist being led away in handcuffs by the LAPD.

The other difference is the Bike Working Group lists both their meetings and the city’s meetings; while the official website, at only lists the upcoming public meetings sponsored by the city.  Incidentally, the next unofficial meeting is this weekend.  For more information visit, you guessed it,  For information on the city’s outreach meetings, feel free to visit whichever site you prefer.

  • Evan

    I thoroughly support the Bike Working Group, but man that gives me the creeps.

  • Machiko

    seems like they were a little inspired by The Yes Men (

  • All I’ve got to say is,”BRAVO!”

    I’m working hard to come up with an alternative set of policies to both mirror and, in the end, replace those set out chapter two of the Bike Plan.

    labikeplan.COM FTW!

  • Will Campbell

    A more appropriate banner image for would have been the Santa Monica Transit Corridor’s bike lane where it abruptly ends mid-block a bit further distant near where those Century City skycrapers are in the background of the image.

    Viva BWG!

  • I like CD 11’s Transportation Advisory Committee’s proposals they just hatched–coverage by Alex T. over at Westside BikeSIDE! Good stuff.

  • the bike people need to get together with the walk people and the transit people, and build a real coalition that can move policy, taking space and funding away from cars. unless that happens, LA will have a long road ahead.