SGV Connect 17 – Scott Chan on the State of Transportation in Alhambra

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This week, SGV Connect talks with Scott Chan, the program director for the Asian Pacific Islander Forward Movement, and a longtime advocate for safe streets in San Gabriel Valley city of Alhambra.

Our conversation starts with discussing the state of bike planning in Alhambra, a city that commissioned but never approved a bike plan back in 2011. However, given the lack of strong planning in the document, Chan believes the city did the right thing. There is no time like the present for the city to change course and create and adopt a new bike plan in the near future.

We also discuss the state of “710 corridor planning.” Now that that $6 billion 710 Freeway tunnel project is not happening, the city has some funding to improve mobility. Additional mutli-modal mobility funding is also available through grants. Some outside-the-box thinking could lead to big changes in a short time.

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  • mettlegear

    Alhambra desperately needs bicycle infrastructure- it is a deadly dangerous place to ride. Scott hits it on the head that not only is there no infrastructure, but the way things are actually discourages people from walking/biking at all. But it is imperative to get people elected to the Alhambra city council who support getting it done- we have a real problem in Alhambra that our city council has been owned by real estate developers through campaign financing for the past several cycles- they do the bidding of the big developers, and do very little that actually benefits the community. We will have 3 seats up for grabs this November if I’m not mistaken. Let’s grill the candidates and find out where they stand on getting bike infrastructure moving here. I would also point anyone interested in improving the quality of life for Alhambrans to check out the group “Grassroots Alhambra”…they are fighting for exactly the same types of things we’re talking about here. I would like to see more synergy between some of these grassroots groups like API Forward Movement, BikeSGV, and Grassroots Alhambra.


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