#DamienTalks – Goodbye Harriet and an Update on Crenshaw Construction

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As anyone who reads Streetsblog or The Source or who follows the pace of rail expansion in Los Angeles knows, today is the “retirement party” for Harriet, the tunnel boring machine that has been drilling about a mile of tunnel for the Crenshaw Line.

Today, #DamienTalks with Anthony Crump, the Constructions Relations Manager for the Crenshaw Line Construction Project. In a wide ranging conversation, we touch on Metro’s commitment to bicycle and pedestrian access to stations, upcoming plans for Crenshaw Construction and an update on whether or not the line is scheduled to open on-time in the fall/winter of 2019 (It is!)

And of course, we wish a fond farewell to Harriet. As she is the property of the construction company and not Metro, we cannot say as to her long-term fate. However, we all wish her well in “retirement.”

(Disclosure: This is a sponsored podcast that Metro pitched to us and agreed to sponsor. No discussion was made as to any editorial comments made by me nor did Metro receive any questions from me ahead of time. If you would like to sponsor a podcast, email me at damien@streetsblog.org)