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  • Video: Harriet the Tunnel Boring Machine Digging the Crenshaw/LAX Line (The Source)
  • Is It Not OK To Bike In L.A. Bus Lanes? (L.A. Weekly)
  • Investing in Place‘s Take On Metro’s Revised Sales Tax Plan
  • The Challenges Of A More Vertical L.A. (KCET)
  • Metro Plans To Move Ahead With North Hollywood Joint Development (The Source)
  • 31 Photos Of L.A.’s Public Transit Resurgence (AOL)
  • Orange County Kicks Off Bravo Bus Service, Like Metro Rapid (OC Register)
  • How Can We Prevent Driverless Cars From Making Cities Worse? (SB Chicago)
  • Poor People Pay For Parking Even When They Don’t Have A Car (WaPo)

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  • This is not the first BRAVO bus route in Orange County. It is a pity that the line does not run to connect to the Metro Blue Line.

  • Buttermilk

    I say this is someone who doesn’t bike and kind of dislikes it intensely when adults on bikes decide to ride on the sidewalk: it seems like the California vehicle code allows bikes (and horses, seriously read up on horses in the vehicle code) to take precedence over other forms of traffic whenever it is safest for them to do that given the circumstances on the street. It seems like metro and various law enforcement agencies are choosing to give preference to speed of traffic over safety in these cases, and are claiming that the law is “ambiguous” to give cover to the fact that they like things with engines. The solution is obviously protected bike lanes (preferably separated from traffic by real physical barriers not plastic tokens). I’m not holding my breath for that, though!

  • Joe Linton

    In CA, sidewalk cycling varies by city. In L.A. it’s legal – though it is illegal for a cyclist to endanger pedestrians. I agree though that L.A. needs more protected bike lanes, including ones with physical barriers.

  • Buttermilk

    I live in a city where it’s not allowed. And it’s generally not particularly safe, between trees and poles and parking meters and whatever else on the sidewalk, plus the speed differential between a bike rider and pedestrians. So I get to move out of the way of bikes who don’t have enough room to maneuver themselves on a regular basis. Not that I don’t understand why you’d want to be out of vehicle traffic on some LA streets. I’ve just been spoiled by living in Europe, so I know what it’s like to have an actual network of real bike lanes.