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  • Alex Brideau III

    If you’d like to check out Google Street Views for that area, I suppose you can. I just “picked” the images that were currently on display by Google. Not my choice, just what was there. But if you really wanted to drill down into the numbers, you could probably submit a Public Records Act request to the city for the stats.

    Yes, paying for parking on top of Metro fare is how it is. Will it turn off some (both rich and poor) to taking the Metro? Of course, though the roundtrip 30 miles worth of gas that drivers would use to traverse that distance has a $$$ cost as well (perhaps 2/3 to 1 1/4 gallon of gas depending on a car’s MPG; let’s assume 1 gallon as an average). Commuters will have to run their own numbers (and consider their tolerance for traffic) and calculate what makes more sense for them. Some will choose the Metro; some will choose to drive.

    But in either case, I’ll be interested to see how the Expo Line’s numbers fare over time. I’m thinking Downtown Santa Monica Station is going to be more of a destination station than an origin.