Today’s Headlines

  • Planning Commission Keeps Mobility Plan Bike Lanes Intact (LAist, Biking in L.A.)
    Daily Bruin Makes the Case For Implementing Bike Lanes On Westwood
  • BRT Is Great, But When Done Right (Investing in Place)
  • Metro Unveils New Unsolicited Proposal Portal At Industry Forum (The Source)
  • Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell Speaks Against No Growth Initiative (Hollywood Chamber)
  • Uber Settles $28.5M Safety Lawsuit (LAT)
  • Santa Monica Updates – Mostly Lowers – Speed Limits (SMDP)
  • Glendale Votes For Quiet Train Zone (LAT)
  • Antelope Valley Transit Authority Approves All-Electric BYD Bus Fleet (NGT News)
  • How Car-Free In L.A. Is Sexy (KPCC)

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  • Alex Brideau III

    Re: “BRT is Great, But When Done Right”…

    The article notes, “The Orange Line meets most of the criteria of BRT. The Silver Line meets fewer: for instance, it runs through downtown in mixed traffic without signal priority or level boarding.”

    I find this a bit misleading (or maybe just the product of a mis-informed author) as it implies that the Orange Line has level boarding which (the last time I checked) it does not.

  • Dennis_Hindman

    At the LA City Council Transportation Committee meeting on Wednesday there was a presentation by the director of the LADOT, Seleta Reynolds, on the implementation of bicycle infrastructure in LA. Councilmembers Nury Martinez, Paul Koretz and Mike Bonin were in attendance.

    The presentation starts at 20:57 in this link to an audio recording of the meeting:

    At 47:00 I made two minutes of comments hoping to educate some of the councilmembers about the effects on the volume and safety improvements of bicycling from the miles of bike lanes that have been installed in the last few years.

  • Dennis_Hindman

    The Orange Line implementation was unable to have level boarding due to a outside hinge on the front door of the 60-ft buses used. This can be seen in a photo of a Orange Line bus in the article. There will likely be longer 80-ft buses purchased within the next two years that will enable level boarding.

  • Alex Brideau III

    Good to hear! Still, it’s odd that the Investing in Place author used lack of level boarding as a differentiator between the Silver and Orange lines as neither have that feature in their current implementation.