Today’s Headlines

  • UberX Can Now Pick Up Passengers At LAX (KPCCLAT)
  • Will L.A. Transit Riders Learn Good Etiquette? (DTLA Rising)
  • Metro Quantifies County Need For Walk and Bike Funding (Investing in Place)
  • Biking In L.A. Focuses On Bicycle Crashes On Pacific Coast Highway
  • NIMBYs Want L.A.’s Small Lot Subdivisions To Be More Suburban (KPCC)
  • Curbed Profiles California’s New Road User Mileage Fee Program
  • Los Feliz Ledger Looks Into Proposed Griffith Park Traffic Plan
  • So Cal Edison Program To Install More Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (KPCC, Pasadena Star News)
  • Lamentation That Las Vegas “Free Parking Tradition” Bites the Dust (LAT)

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  • calwatch

    The DTLA Rising article touches on the inherent tension between those who think there should be greater etiquette to attract choice riders, and those who feel that adding more rules helps increase “crimininalization” and the “school to prison pipeline”.

    San Diego recently adopted an ordinance to ticket riders who fail to vacate priority seats or give up the space to the disabled. In the past (before their recent meltdowns), Washington Metro was well known for ticketing people who ate on the system, even chewing gum or cough drops. The First Amendment protects people speaking, even loudly into a cell phone (unless they seriously disrupt the driver). You can’t enforce good manners with cops, and they are not universally good or bad based on culture or race, as the difference between subways in China and Taiwan can attest.