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How much your commute costs society. Tweeted by
How much your commute costs society. Tweeted by @ryancroft
  • U.S. Army Corps Signs Off On Ambitious L.A. River Habitat Plan (KCET)
  • Summing Up Exide’s Criminal Lead Pollution Tragedy, Extended Vid (LAT)
  • Opinion: Cheap Oil’s Detrimental Impacts (LAT)
  • Pershing Square Park Re-Design Competition: Four Finalists Announced (Curbed, KPCC)
  • Photo Tour Of South L.A.’s Jordan Downs Housing (NationSwell)
  • Renderings Of DTLA’s Figueroa And Olympic Mixed-Use Oceanwide Plaza (Urbanize)
  • Carnage: One Person Killed In Multi-Vehicle Crash On 110 Freeway (Pasadena Star News)
    …Advice For Driving In the Rain: “Slow Down” And “Drive Normal” (LAT)
  • No Leniency For Volkswagen’s Deadly Diesel Crimes (SBCA)
  • Metro: “politicians will ultimately have to choose between bus riders and motorists… from the beginning of time until the present… motorists have largely won that battle” (The Source)

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  • lost_fezil

    I love a good “up yours” graphic for driving, but when there’s confusing information it sucks the air out. What does “If walking costs you a $1” mean?

  • CalRobert

    That’s interesting, but why would walking cost me $1? Calories consumed, perhaps? The only footbridge that I can think of charging tolls is the ha’penny, and those were abolished a century ago.

    I do know that when I had a 30 minute walk to and from work I went through shoes more quickly, so maybe that’s worth noting. Of course, I also reduced the likelihood of relying on state medical services down the road by increasing my level of fitness, so there’s that.

  • Joe Linton

    There’s more info at the link (though it’s not 100% clear what they used for walking costs)