Today’s Headlines

  • Serious Metrolink Derailment Crash In Oxnard This Morning (KPCCLAT)
  • CityLab Busts the Myth That Everyone Prefers Trains Over Buses
  • MyFigueroa Delayed, To Go To Bid Summer 2015 (Neon Tommy)
  • CA Gas Tax Needs To Be Fixed, Mileage Fee Might Work (Pasadena Star News)
  • High Speed Rail Opponents Assert Train Will Cause Sprawl (LAT)
  • Horror Story: Actor Ben Woolf Hit and Killed By Car (KPCCLAT)
  • Glendale Installs Scramble Intersection ie: Diagonal Crosswalk (Glendale News Press)
  • Most S.F. Trips Not Car Trips (LAT)
  • Market-Based Parking System Working In Berkeley (Systemic Failure)

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