Today’s Headlines

  • LAPD Fails to Ticket Scofflaw Drivers Impeding Crosswalks (LA Walks)
  • Metro Commits To Regional Connector Not Impacting Disney Hall Acoustics (LAT)
  • FY2015’s Council Motion for “Comprehensive” Sidewalk Repair (KPCC, LAT)
  • Windshield Coverage of the “Parking War” and “Parking Nightmares” in NYC? (LAT)
    For the Livability View, Read SBNYC Story and First Person Editorial
  • Someday L.A.’s Planned Bike Signage Will Arrive (Flying Pigeon)
  • New Renderings Presented For Sixth Street Freeway Bridge (Curbed)
  • How Affordable Housing Does and Doesn’t Get Built in Santa Monica (SM Next)
  • SF Planning Center-Running BRT for Geary (SBSF)
  • Biking in a Skirt? Try “A Penny in Yo Pants” (Vimeo – Johanna Holten)

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