Today’s Headlines

  • Calling Out Councilmember Koretz on the Westwood Bike Lanes (UCLA Bike Academy)
  • CA HSR Authority Proposes Building Burbank-Palmdate Segment Sooner (LAT)
  • City Planning and its Contradictory Goals (Let’s Go L.A.)
  • Carnage: Big Rig vs. Sedan, Two Dead in Lancaster (LAT)
  • SF’s 900 Proposed On-Street Parking Spaces for Car-Share (SBSF)
  • NY City Council Concern For “Real New Yorkers” Parking Their Cars in the Street (SBNYC)
  • Research: Unintentional Consequence that Drivers Speed Up at Pedestrian Countdown Timers (NPR)
  • Informal Sector and Inequalities of Urban Development (NPR)
  • Cartoon Tuesday: Playing With Cars (Lunar Baboon)

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